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American Liquor Company Canned Cocktails Review

Booze Dancing • June 21, 2021

Robert Cassell, one of the founders of Philadelphia Distilling and New Liberty Distillery is at it again! And by “at it again”, we mean that he has recently launched a series of ready-to-drink (or RTD for short) canned cocktails through his New Liberty Distillery under the brand name of American Liquor Company, or ALCO for short. […]

15 Brands With Canned Beverages Recommended For Summer 2021

The Hype Magazine • June 11, 2021

The summer 2021 season is almost underway, and there is never a shortage of reasons to kick back, celebrate and/or cool off. As many top beverage producers — of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic sectors — are making drinks in canned form, below are 15 recommended brands with canned beverages worth trying this season (or whenever is most suitable for you). […]

Review: ALCO Canned Cocktails, Complete Lineup

Drinkhacker • May 29, 2021

ALCO canned cocktails are designed for convenience, down to the sleek slender fit-anywhere design of the 355ml cans. They are of course vying for the increasingly coveted spot of being the summer-sipper on-the-go, played up by the bright hues of their packaging. So let’s see how they stack up. […]

Just in Time For Summer New Liberty Distillery is Launching a Line of Canned Cocktails! • April 28, 2021

Just in time for stoop drinkin’ weather, our friend Robert Cassell of New Liberty Distillery, is launching a brand new line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails under his newest brand, American Liquor Company (ALCO). […]

Pa. distiller launches new line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails

PennLive • April 23, 2021

A Philadelphia-based distillery has launched a new line of ready-to-drink cocktails in a can. The line includes Sparkling Vodka Lemonade, Gin & Tonic, Margarita, Vodka Soda and Orange Crush. […]